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Count on us to manage the technology that powers your clinic. We make sure your electronic system is always available when you need it most.

OpenEMR at a glance

Built by healthcare professionals for healthcare professionals

Entrusted with over 600 million patient records

Implemented in 182 countries and 36 languages

One of the biggest open source EMR communities in the world

OpenEMR is the most economically-priced solution that doesn't compromise on quality and stability.

The advantages of MMD Data Systems

Top-Notch Support

We are always happy to help. When you call our support line, you speak directly with a system administrator who can answer any question and walk you through any solution quickly and clearly.


We will guide you and your staff through the transition, with web training, phone support, or on-site help for the first day, so that your new system can be up and running as smoothly as possible.


We've worked with over 650 healthcare professionals from across Canada, in many specializations and with many levels of technical competence. Rest assured that we can find the right solution and pace for you.

Absolute Security

Our systems are actively managed and tested for the most rigorous standards of security. Backed by state-of-the-art encryption, all security protocols are safe and dependable.

Insured IBM Hosting

Your medical data is hosted in Canadian data centres, managed and secured by IBM, providing superior accessibility and reliability over in-clinic servers.

Daily Backups

Your records are automatically backed up each night to ensure you never lose your data. You never have to worry about lost records again.

We are Canada's First and Only Certified OpenEMR Support Provider.

At MMD Data Systems, we are proud to work with OpenEMR. Proprietary EMRs are inflexible, not allowing for customization, expansion, or improvement, which quickly leads to outdated features, security, and versatility. Not OpenEMR. In a changing world, hundreds of developers and healthcare professionals around the globe strive to keep OpenEMR as up-to-date and flexible as possible. That is the power and benefit of Open Source software.

We offer a range of additional services beyond installation and support. For medical professionals, we provide a direct provincial billing system that integrates with OpenEMR, and for other healthcare professionals, we can tailor billing modules and integrations to meet your clinic needs. Also, we offer an add-on suite for OpenEMR, known as Engage, which enables online patient booking and automatic reminders.

Supercharge your EMR with online booking, auto-reminders, and form collection.



Emails, texts, and phone messages are sent straight from your schedule to notify your patients of their upcoming appointments, saving your staff hours of work each week.

the Engage Suite

growing and improving every day

+ Auto-Reminders

+ Form Collection

+ Online Booking

Form Collection

Patients can complete their medical histories, demographic data, and patient questionnaires online. Information will automatically appear in your EMR, and forms will never go untyped again.


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